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18A Bond St, Wellington CBD

Silverballs, blinkenlights, and worlds under glass.

Pinball arcade, bar, venue for hire, new games sales.

Monday 12 to 8

Tuesday 12 to 8

Wednesday 11 to 8

Thursday 11 to 8

Friday 11 to 10

Saturday 10 to 10

Sunday 11 to 6

Occasionally closed for private events, such as the following:

Thursday June 13th, 11:45am - 1:15pm

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Pinball 101

If you're new to pinball, here's how to start the fun!



Buy Tokens

Our token dispenser takes cash, or you can use eftpos at the counter



Insert Coin

Place a token or a $2 coin in the slot at the front of the game.  Play one game for 1 token.




The flashing START button at the front-left corner of the machine will begin the game.  Press it once for a single player game, or play with friends by adding another token and press START again.


2569594-pinball plunger 2.jpg

Plunge The Ball

Some games have a plunger to pull, some have a LAUNCH button to press.  That gets your first of three balls in play.  


flipper button.jpg

Flip Skillfully

Keep the ball alive by pressing the flipper buttons either side of the game.  Flip when the ball is close to the flipper, and don't worry if it drains!  You'll get at least two more balls before your game ends.

flipper button_edited_edited.jpg

Pinball as a Competitive, Social Sport

For years, Wellington pinheads have been gathering in garages, bars and living rooms to test their skills, discover new games, and chase ever elusive WPPR points.   The International Flipper Pinball Association certifies pinball tournaments and leagues, and tracks players' performance through World Pinball Player Ranking points,
aka, tasty tasty WPPRs. 

Now, thanks to Pinball Spots and Ye Olde Pinball Shoppe, Wellington has a dedicated venue in which to build the profile of competitive pinball as a social sport for all ages.

Pinball Tennessee have an excellent primer for anyone interested in attending their first pinball tournament.

A monthly league for women and gender diverse players, meeting on the fourth Thursday of every month.   Details on the Multiball Maidens Wellington Facebook page.

There's also our regular social tournament, on the first Thursday of every month...

Stay Up-To-Date

Our games lineup changes throughout the year.  Sign up here if you'd like to be informed when new games arrive.


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